Why Choose LINDY

Customer Service - "No Surprises"

Our partners and customers know how highly we value customer relations. For the past seventy five years, our company has always stood by its word. Our success is based on this.

"No surprises" simply means that we fulfil all of our promises: an open hotline with friendly, competent technicians, deliveries that arrive on time and products that perform as they are supposed to.

In short, our customer service policy is based on certain fundamental values of honesty, reliability and trust which are not very common in today's business world.

Product Quality

We're proud of our products. With the LINDY brand you know that you can buy with the confidence and support of a long established group. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality procedures ensure the strictest quality control and testing standards. All of our products are manufactured to the highest specifications and must pass a stringent three-tier testing process.

Choice and Availability

The huge range of products we stock is constantly being updated and expanded. We supply cables, audio/video switches and exenders, networking products, tools, add-on cards, hardware accessories, USB and FireWire devices, and much, much more. For many product groups in our range we provide a choice of low-cost, Premium and Gold alternatives - allowing you to choose based on affordability, performance and features .

Value for Money

Our combined international presence commands huge buying power, which translates into the most competitive prices for you - the customer! All LINDY products carry a minimum 2 year warranty with certain products benefiting from FREE extended warranties of up to 25 years!