SATA and SAS Cables - Combined Connectors Explained

SATA & SAS Cables

Below is an explanation of the different types of combined internal SATA / SAS connectors (data & power combined connectors) that are found on our range of SATA cables and SAS cables:

22pin (7pin + 15pin) SATA Combo - The most common type of connector, this can be found in most 5.25", 3.5", 2.5" and a variety of 1.8" drives and hard drives.

29pin SAS Combo - A connecter socket for SAS drives as a SATA combination 22p plug does not fit SAS Drives.

13pin (7pin + 6pin) Slim SATA Combo - This connector type is usually found on Slim Line CD, DVD and Blu-Ray drives.

16pin (7pin + 9pin) Micro SATA Combo - Found on some 1.8 " SATA disks and SSDs.