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LINDY CROMO USB Cable Maximises Power Output

Our new super flexible USB 2.0 cable with ultra low profile connectors offers an improved charging rate over other thin cables. Whilst some cables sacrifice the quality of the conductors in order to achieve a slim design, the CROMO Slim USB 2.0 cable uses only the highest grade components to ensure the maximum output of… Read more

Reuse Old Laptop Drives with the LINDY USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter

According to the Step Initiative, in 2012 Australia generated 25.23kg of e-waste per inhabitant. Whilst electronics have a limited lifespan, there are often components that still have value to the user, even though the rest of the device may be destined for the recycle bin. The new LINDY USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 Adapter, for example, allows… Read more

Are You Ready for 4K?

With more and more tech companies expanding into the world of 4K, here at LINDY we are gearing up for the 4K takeover with our range of compatible cables and accessories. More and more TV’s, monitors and projectors will soon become available in 4K technology. For those aren’t aware of 4K, it’s basically an improved… Read more