When Should I Upgrade My HDMI Cables?

A good quality HDMI cable is pretty durable, so it is fairly common for people to still be using HDMI cables that are close to a decade old as there isn’t always an incentive to replace or upgrade something that still works. As technology advances, so do the specifications and supported features of the humble HDMI cable, so although your current cable may appear to be working fine, you could be missing out on a lot of the benefits that come with new HDMI standards. This doesn’t necessarily mean your HDMI cables need to be upgraded often, but there are definitely perks to upgrading your HDMI cables every now and then.

When Purchasing New Equipment

If your television, monitor, computer, or gaming console stop working and can’t be repaired, naturally you would replace them. These devices however are often periodically replaced out of a desire to obtain better performance, picture quality, or updated features. Upgrading your entertainment devices is also the perfect opportunity to update your cables. Not only will this provide a slew of new features only supported by newer HDMI cables but is a fantastic opportunity to tidy up that tangled mess of cables hiding in your desks, drawers, and cupboards.

When They Stop Working

As durable as they are, HDMI cables can unfortunately stop working without warning. You may find your display starts presenting some bizarre colours or a blank screen despite ensuring the cable is connected properly. Alternatively, your pet may have decided your cables make a great chew toy, or they could have been bent a little too far beyond their radius. Whatever the case may be, a faulty cable will need to be replaced, so why not choose a quality replacement cable that will serve you well into the future!

When You Rearrange Your Office or Entertainment Space

Moving house can be stressful enough without having to keep track of which HDMI cable pairs to each device. Rearranging your entertainment space can be the perfect opportunity to swap out those outdated cables that are often neglected due to the lack of accessibility and replace them with new cables that not only fit the application but perform better at the same time. 

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