New 4-Port KVM Switch with HDMI and USB Support

The new LINDY 4 Port KVM Switch Classic HDMI, USB 2.0 & Audio allows 4 computers or HDMI/USB devices like a game console or BD-Player to be connected and controlled from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Port selection is made by the “Select” button on the KVM switch or by IR remote control button.
The KVM Switch allows you to share further USB devices and a USB hub connected to the USB device port with USB 2.0 speed.

The KVM Switch has a USB-Audio Converter built in, allowing speakers or a headphone/headset and a microphone to be connected to the front ports of the KVM switch. Pressing the Audio ON/OFF button on the front mutes these devices. The HDMI ports support resolutions up to Full HD 1080p including 3D and can be used with DVI devices using adapter cables.