LINDY Makes Charging Multiple iPads and Tablets a Cinch

iPads and tablets may have revolutionised the classroom, but keeping them secure, charged and synced can sometimes be a chore. LINDY’s new 10 Tablet Charging Station simplifies the task by enabling multiple devices to be maintained from one central point.

Ideal for teaching and training centres, the charging station has ten bays which can take tablets up to 18 x 240 x 200mm (WxDxH). A USB port on the rear of the cabinet allows for the devices to be synced from a host machine and if three charging stations are stacked and daisy chained together, it is possible to connect up to 30 tablets to one computer to enable updates.

“Using tablets for educational purposes is really starting to take off as teachers realise the benefits of enriching the teaching experience across a wide range of subject matters, reducing paper waste and  increasing engagement,” says Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics UK. “The downside is that the devices need to be regularly charged and kept up to date, which can be a time consuming task if it’s not managed centrally.”

The LINDY 10 Tablet Charging and Sync Station can be attached to a table for additional security, whilst the lockable, slide-in door enables for easy access when taking or replacing tablets and iPads. Charging begins automatically as soon as the tablet is connected and an integral fan ensures the cabinet does not become overheated. Competitively priced at $995.00 inc. GST, quantity discounts are available to education, corporate and trade customers. The cabinet’s overall dimensions are 310 x 350 x 340mm (WxDxH).