LINDY DisplayPort to HDMI Splitter Duplicates and Expands Images

We announced today a splitter that turns a DisplayPort connection into 2 HDMI ports capable of duplicating the video output over one or two HDMI equipped displays and even expanding an image over two screens. Ideal for training, presentation and advertising environments, its ability to support resolutions up to 3840×1200 in expander mode makes it great for gaming too.

The LINDY DisplayPort to 2 HDMI Ports Splitter with Expanderview is extremely easy to use. Its plug and play operation means that the user simply needs to connect the splitter to the DisplayPort source, such as a computer, using the cable provided and then attach the monitors or projectors using HDMI cables.

“Whilst DisplayPort delivers unrivalled support for multiple displays, it’s a very common situation that the only screens available to users just have HDMI connections,” says Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY UK. “Our latest splitter enables users to take advantage of displaying and expanding images over two screens, even when they only have an HDMI connection.”

The splitter can deliver signals to displays placed up to 5m away using bus power alone, but LINDY recommends using an external power supply unit to achieve distances of up to 10m.