LINDY CAT6 HDMI Distribution System Delivers Flexible Alternative for Installers


Enables long distance runs using affordable CAT6 Cable

Our new CAT6 HDMI Distribution System that enables installers to deliver high definition video and audio over long distances using affordable CAT6 network cable. Depending on the configuration distances of up to 110m can be achieved, delivering increased flexibility to installers when deciding where to place screens used for digital signage and presentation applications.

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver, an extender to repeat the signal for distances over 40m and an 8 Port Splitter to enable the same image to transmitted to different displays. Capable of supporting 1080p up to 40m at 8bit colour between each component, the LINDY CAT6 HDMI distribution system can also handle 12 bit colour and 3D signals over slightly reduced distances.

“Using multiple HDMI screens in digital signage installations that are spread out over a large site can quickly become complex and expensive. Restrictions in transmitting HDMI signals over longer distances often means using either additional HDMI sources or fibre optic cables,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “CAT6 HDMI Distribution System overcomes these issues, while providing installers with the flexibility when used in temporary installations to easily adapt the configuration depending on the venue.”

All of the components are built in a sturdy metal housing providing protection against everyday use, are HDCP compliant and come with a two year guarantee.