Are You Ready for 4K?

With more and more tech companies expanding into the world of 4K, here at LINDY we are gearing up for the 4K takeover with our range of compatible cables and accessories. More and more TV’s, monitors and projectors will soon become available in 4K technology.

For those aren’t aware of 4K, it’s basically an improved resolution which can be found on TV’s, monitors and projectors. At the moment most resolutions only reach 1080p, under 2k, with this new release you will receive 4x more improved picture quality.

At the moment 4K products are slowly but steadily making their way into the consumer mainstream, but it is mostly professional companies such as cinemas and the movie projection industry who are currently using 4K technology. But it is predicted that over the coming years, 4K will become more accessible to the everyday consumer with cheaper products available in this resolution.

TV shows will also need to become more compatible with 4K products. As more and more people purchase 4K TV’s. Earlier this year, Netflix began streaming the American TV show, House Of Cards in 4K. Those with a HEVC Decoder could then watch the programme in a higher resolution.

With the release of more 4K products, the need for higher quality cables and accessories will also increase. Higher speed cables available at LINDY can be used along with 4K TV’s, monitors and projectors. Look for the HDMI High Speed Sticker for compatible cables, as seen below –


Compatible Lindy Products

High Speed 2m Premium cable

Our Gold Range

2 Port 4K HDMI UHD Splitter