10 Great ways to make your mobile device work harder

We stock a wide range of USB OTG cables

With smartphones and tablets increasingly replacing the home computer, we look at some of the ways an OTG (On The Go) cable can help improve your experience.

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1. Print photos directly from your camera or phone

Whilst printing wirelessly is often an option, an OTG cable is essential when a physical connection is required.

2. Connect a keyboard or mouse

There’s no need to buy tablet dedicated keyboards, simply plug a normal keyboard, mouse or KM wireless receiver into the OTG cable and work as normal.

3. Connect a USB stick or external drive

Not every device has expansion slots such as SD, plug in an OTG cable and easily read flash drives and connect other types of external storage. If the phone or tablet doesn’t recognise the mass storage device then apps such as USB OTG Helper or StickMount can assist in mounting the device.

4. Control a camera with a mobile device

Apps such as DSLR Controller, which enables full control of a Canon EOS SLR via an Android device, give flexibility in setting up shots. Using an OTG cable to connect the camera and the mobile device not only enables this, but makes it easy to access Dropbox or Instagram once they’re taken.

5. Enhance the listening experience with a DAC

Portable devices don’t typically come with great audio chipsets. To get some serious sound use the OTG cable to connect a USB DAC such as the FiiO E18.

6. Use it to charge a device from another USB port

Never be stuck in the red again. Suck power from a charged device to the one that isn’t or be green and charge the mobile from an eBike’s USB port

7. Connect a USB card reader

Transfer photos and video from a camera to a mobile phone or laptop to free up drive space when on holiday. Alternatively with the OTG cable it may be possible to transfer directly depending on the device’s capabilities, such as moving video from a GoPro camera to a notebook.

8. Browse photos on a tablet from a camera

Connect a camera to a tablet via an OTG cable and watch videos or view pictures on the larger screen. A simple alternative when the camera doesn’t have wi-fi capability.

9. Connect a USB hub

Because there is no such thing as too many USB slots. Although if there are power hungry devices on the hub it might be wise to use a powered one.

10. Use as a games controller

Ditch on screen controls and reclaim display real-estate by connecting a games controller via an OTG cable for an enhanced mobile gaming experience.