HDMI over IP Video Wall Extender

LINDY Launches Ethernet Extender for Video Walls

We are pleased to announce our new HDMI over Gigabit IP Video Wall Extender which allows you to distribute an HDMI signal up to 1080p via RJ-45 cable up to 100m or through an Ethernet network to multiple displays. Perfect for digital signage, public display and large scale presentations these extenders convert the HDMI signal to IP broadcast signals. Network devices can be used to distribute the signals.

The LINDY HDMI Video Wall over IP Extender supports arrays of up to 64 screens in an 8 by 8 configuration. An intuitive web GUI enables full, local or remote control over how the content is displayed along with essential control over bezel correction and video tearing.

In addition to the video wall configuration, the extenders support 1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many installations, for extending and distributing signals over extremely long distances. Transmitter and receiver units can be purchased separately to give maximum flexibility.