LINDY KVM Switch is Key to Keeping Complete Functionality

Our latest KVM Switch Pro now offers True Transparent USB enabling users with specialised mice and keyboards such as designers or gamers to control two computers without compromising functionality.

The LINDY 2 Port KVM Switch Pro allows users to control two DVI-Single Link equipped computers using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse with independent control over audio. Its advanced USB emulation technology allows the KVM to recognise specific keyboard and mouse models and emulate any of their associated special key and function information. Until now, users of non-standard human interface device typically lost some or all of their specialist functionality when using a KVM switch.

An integrated USB 2.0 hub allows for USB devices such as pen drives, hard drives and printers, to be shared between the computers. In addition, the hub can be switched independently of the computers, enabling users to print from one PC whilst playing games on another. Similarly, independent audio switching means that users can listen to music from one computer while browsing the internet on the other.

Needing the use of two different computers is very often because they are set up for entirely different purposes and it’s normally these users that also require specialised keyboards and mice. Most KVM switches can’t handle the change of use of specific keys or the placement of additional keys from a standard keyboard, but now with True Transparent USB using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse and keeping specialist functionality is easy.

The LINDY 2 Port KVM Switch Pro comes complete with two sets of DVI, USB 2.0 and Audio 3.5mm cables, all 1.8m in length and has a multi-country power supply. The switch supports DVI-I single link monitors and computers with video resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200, but can also be used with computers with VGA using compatible adapter cables.