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LINDY Gives Devices the Charge They Deserve

Devices that are hungry on power can make charging with a USB multi-plug frustrating since many won’t supply the current required if more than one device is connected. The end result is often the most demanding devices such as an iPad don’t actually charge, even when left overnight. LINDY’s latest travel adapter solves this issue by specifying the ports that supply the higher charge.

The LINDY USB Mains Travel Charger allows users to charge up to 4 devices with a combined maximum output of 5A at one time. When four devices are connected that require more than 1A, the device connected in the first USB port will take the maximum output it needs up to 2.5A, then the next, and so on. By connecting the devices that take the most charge in descending order, the LINDY charger ensures that all devices are charged and ready for use in as short amount of time as possible.

“It can be so frustrating on holiday to put your devices on charge before you go to bed, only to find in the morning that most of them are still showing the battery symbol in the red,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “Our latest charger allows users to choose which devices get the maximum power, while replacing the need to take several different chargers on holiday, making more room in the suitcase for other essentials.”

Suitable for use with most USB powered devices including tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones etc, the LINDY USB Mains Travel Charger has over current, over voltage and short circuit protection and includes adapters for use in UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

LINDY Hub Turns Kitchen Table into Mobile Workspace

USB 2.0 OTG Hub

Connect four peripheral devices to your tablet or
smartphone without the need for a PC

OTG technology enables direct connection of peripherals to smartphone or tablet

We have recently launched a 4 Port USB 2.0 OTG Hub that makes it easy for users to connect USB peripherals to smartphones and tablets.

“Our latest hub can turn the kitchen table into a temporary work station in an instant and provide access to all those essential peripherals for a productive life work balance,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “OTG, or on the go technology, allows for all kinds of extras such as a keyboard, mouse and card reader to be connected directly to your phone or tablet without the need of a PC.”

With 4 USB 2.0 ports and an integrated 13cm long cable with USB Micro-B connector, the hub enables data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbit/sec. It’s bus powered, enabling the hub to run directly from the smartphone or tablet. In addition, there is also a socket for an optional 5V DC 2.6A power supply that maybe required for power hungry peripherals such as webcams or external drives.

LINDY USB 3.0 Hub Withstands the Rigours of Industrial Life

7 Port USB 3.0 Hub connects power hungry peripherals in challenging environments

We announced today the LINDY 7 Port Industrial USB 3.0 Hub designed especially to deliver a consistently reliable SuperSpeed performance in the most demanding environments.

Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 65°C, the hub is built within a robust metal housing with high EMC protection to ward off interference from electrical equipment. It consists of seven USB 3.0 downstream ports and one upstream port and comes complete with a multi-country screw-in power supply and a 0.8m length USB 3.0 cable.

“Hubs are an easy way to expand a system’s USB capabilities, but the average one that sits on the office desk is no match for the hot, hostile and dusty of industrial applications,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “Our latest hub provides not just the ruggedized housing required to survive these conditions, but also delivers the full 900mA power to all ports ensuring power hungry peripherals operate seamlessly.”

The hub is backward compatible, allowing for older USB 2.0 and even 1.1 peripherals to be used and supports both USB 3.0 equipped PCs and Macs. Integrated brackets allow for the hub to be surface mounted or attached to equipment racks.