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LINDY Wireless Extender Makes Watching TV in Another Room Easy

No compression or perceptible latency it’s just like using a cable, only easier to install.

We recently released the latest version of our Wireless HDMI Extender that enables users to watch full high definition transmissions on a display up to 20m away from the source without the need for long cable runs.

Comprising of a wall mountable transmitter and receiver that can be managed via the included IR remote control, the LINDY Wireless HDMI Extender takes just minutes to set up. Its simple plug and play operation means there is no configuration, tuning or adjustment required, the user just needs to connect the equipment and boot it up.

Capable of switching between two different HDMI sources such as a PS4 and blu ray player, the transmitter sends the uncompressed HDMI signal from the selected output via the local HDMI output and the wireless output simultaneously. This allows for the source to be viewed in the room where the transmitter is based and on another display connected to the wireless receiver up to 20m away.

“Long cable runs aren’t always practical in home situations, particularly if you’re in rented accommodation and don’t want to be doing a bit of DIY, but do want to watch Big Brother in the kitchen,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “Using wireless to extend the HDMI signal offers a fast and easy alternative to watch a movie or stay up to date with your favourite soap in another room.”

The LINDY Wireless HDMI Extender provides full support for HD 1080p, HDCP, multi-channel audio and IR remote control. Additional flexibility can be achieved by using LINDY’s range of HDMI switchers, splitters and matrix switches, and by using additional transmitters and receivers. As with all wireless signals, achieving the full 20m distance is dependable on construction materials between walls and floors.

Our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones receive an AV Forums Recommended Award

AV Forums RecommendedAV Forums Recommended

Our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones have just received a great review from AV Forums.

The trusted online community of Audio Visual home consumer electronics enthusiasts have rated them 8/10 overall.

Commenting on their build quality they state that ‘everything feels solid and likely to last’ while ‘the bass response in particular is effortlessly deep’ and ‘the next real surprise that the IEM 75 is impressively sensitive’. Summing them up they conclude that‘they are really quite good’ and are ‘a sensitive, well-built and generally comfortable earphone with great sensitivity and an enjoyable sound’ and ‘if you are looking for a commuting companion, this would be a fine place to start’.

Read the full review here.

You can see more about our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones here.