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LINDY CROMO USB Cable Maximises Power Output

Our new super flexible USB 2.0 cable with ultra low profile connectors offers an improved charging rate over other thin cables.

Whilst some cables sacrifice the quality of the conductors in order to achieve a slim design, the CROMO Slim USB 2.0 cable uses only the highest grade components to ensure the maximum output of the power supply is consistently achieved.

The Type A to Micro-B cable contains high quality copper wire specifically chosen for the individual tasks of conducting power and transferring data, wrapped in a slim, flexible TPE jacket. The superior zinc alloy, ultra low profile connectors with gold plated contacts complete the cable’s stylish, lightweight design that guarantees flawless performance.

“Most thin cables don’t make a distinction between the individual wires for conducting power and data, but this causes a reduction in the power available to charge the device,” says Tony Jamieson, General Manager of LINDY Australia. “By specifying the wires and using other high quality components, the CROMO cable offers ultimate reliability.”

Guaranteed for 10 years the CROMO Slim USB 2.0 Cable (Part no 41690) starts at 1m lengths and retails at $19.95. It is available direct from the LINDY website.

LINDY Adds A Touch of Style to Home Entertainment

Delivers flawless performance

Delivers flawless performance

Our new range of coordinated cables under the CROMO® brand to add a touch of flair to home entertainment installations. Combining stylish design with high quality materials, the CROMO range features gold plated connectors and chrome hoods for better conductivity and resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, ensuring hassle free operation under all conditions.

Comprising of a mixture of USB, DisplayPort and HDMI cables and adapters, the range covers the multitude of different connections required for the average home entertainment set-up today and overcomes some of the problems with space restrictions. CROMO’s selection of super thin, flexible HDMI cables are ideal for awkward connections and weighing approximately 80% less than standard CROMO HDMI cables they also reduce the drag that often leads to cables pulling out of their ports.

The typical living room now houses a mixture of computing and audio visual equipment and whilst manufacturers have concentrated on making the hardware look more attractive, little attention has been paid to the cables that connect them. The CROMO range isn’t just about high quality materials that make reliable connections, but providing a stylish alternative to everyday cables that complements the refinement of today’s home entertainment installations.

Developed to ensure maximum quality, performance and reliability, all cables are guaranteed for 10 years. CROMO High Speed HDMI cables not only support 3D signals and resolutions up to 1080p, they are future proof to meet the demands of 4K2K too.

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USB, HDMI, & DisplayPort cables available

USB, HDMI, & DisplayPort cables available

Our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones receive an AV Forums Recommended Award

AV Forums RecommendedAV Forums Recommended

Our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones have just received a great review from AV Forums.

The trusted online community of Audio Visual home consumer electronics enthusiasts have rated them 8/10 overall.

Commenting on their build quality they state that ‘everything feels solid and likely to last’ while ‘the bass response in particular is effortlessly deep’ and ‘the next real surprise that the IEM 75 is impressively sensitive’. Summing them up they conclude that‘they are really quite good’ and are ‘a sensitive, well-built and generally comfortable earphone with great sensitivity and an enjoyable sound’ and ‘if you are looking for a commuting companion, this would be a fine place to start’.

Read the full review here.

You can see more about our CROMO IEM-75 Earphones here.