Is DisplayPort Better for Gaming? | LINDY Australia

Is DisplayPort Better for Gaming? First releasing in around 2008, DisplayPort is one of the newer cable formats used for transmitting high-definition video and audio signals between a video source and display. For the most part, DisplayPort has always been a step ahead in terms of capabilities versus it’s main competitor HDMI however it is… Read more

When Should I Upgrade My HDMI Cables?

A good quality HDMI cable is pretty durable, so it is fairly common for people to still be using HDMI cables that are close to a decade old as there isn’t always an incentive to replace or upgrade something that still works. As technology advances, so do the specifications and supported features of the humble… Read more

How Do I Choose a Charging Station?

The number of digital devices now available mean that your typical household has much more than one or two smartphones to charge. Tablets, laptops, e-book readers, and smartwatches all need to be charged regularly. And depending on how many of these devices you and your family own, keeping them charged can be tricky, if not… Read more


The USB standard has a long and eventful history. Now USB 4 promises to bring clarity to the specification chaos and simplify the use of cables and devices. Since its introduction in 1996, Universal Serial Bus, or USB for short, has established itself as a universal and indispensable IT interface for all computer peripherals. Many… Read more

Long Distance Signal Extension with Multiple Technologies in the Home

The modern home is becoming a technology hub with devices in constant communication across multiple rooms. Centralised signal management has become a large part of the home technology experience. As more devices are added, further away from this central location, cost-efficient and versatile extenders become necessary. This scenario explores the use of four differing extension… Read more

The LINDY Guide to USB 3.1

WHAT IS USB 3.1? USB 3.1 is the new standard of USB connection technology. The USB 3.1 standard includes a  number of new features, most notably SuperSpeed+ or Gen2 data speed. SuperSpeed+ allows USB 3.1 to transfer data at a speed of 10 Gbps. This means USB 3.1 can transfer a year’s worth of music in just… Read more

InfoComm Webinar powered by LINDY: Overcoming the Limits of HDBaseT – Lossless Compression and HDBaseT

HDBaseT is an ideal solution for simplified, high performance signal distribution while eliminating cable clutter. However, HDBaseT currently faces two limitations: the 100m maximum transmission distance and the 8Gbps bandwidth that allows resolutions of 4k 4:2:0. Integrators are patiently awaiting the release of HDBaseT 3.0. In the meantime, two new HDBaseT advances have been made… Read more


THE PROJECT: CREATING A STATE-OF-THE-ART PRO AV INSTALLATION FOR SKY TV The demand for professional audio video signal management solutions is increasing dramatically as complex AV installations become commonplace at events, trade fairs, conferences, airports and shopping centres. The field of broadcasting has been at the forefront of developments in AV signal management. Modern broadcast… Read more

ISE 2017- LINDY Round Up

The biggest yearly event in the AV industry calendar, Integrated Services Europe took place in Amsterdam last week (7-10th Feb). Every day was showtime at ISE 2017, and our team were based at stand 8-H310, where they explained and demonstrated cutting edge connectivity & advanced AV solutions. LINDY’s extensive program of presentations, lectures and case studies… Read more

IEC Connector & Cable Guide

We often find that people are unsure of the difference between mains power cables, or what the IEC standards are. Put simply, the standards define the mechanical, electrical and thermal requirements and safety goals of power couplers. There are 12 IEC connectors by shape; each has a different name for the Male or Female side…. Read more